Higher History Extended Essay and
Intermediate 2 History Extended Response

Download and complete the plan based on the level you are studying.

You should then email this by Monday 25th March to the school homework email address:

Higher History: The Scots' impact on Native Societies

As discussed in class, a "How Far" question asks you about a sub-issue, and therefore the focus is much narrower than that of a "How Fully" question. This means you have to take great care when answering these questions. Your points from the source shoul dbe about the specific sub-issue identified in the queson, and your recall must also be related specifically to that sub-issue.

Follow the 4 links below and watch the videos. For each video, try to pick out the evidence of Scots' impact on native societies. Complete the sheet given out in class on 15/2/13. If you've lost it, or want to type up your findings, you can download another copy via the link below.

By the time you have completed this task, you will be able to see just how specific the sub-issues are.

Standard Grade:
The Reichstag Fire - 27th February 1933

The link below on the left is to the video watched in class. The first 1:40 of the other video clip gives excellent detail as well.

The month after Hitler was elected German Chancellor, a mysterious fire started in the German parliament building, called the Reichstag.. This was one month before the March 1933 elections. Hitler claimed that this was the work of dangerous and violent communists who were trying to overthrow German democracy and take over the country. Hitler convinced President Hindenburg of the threat posed by the communists, and persuaded him to use Article 48 to place Hitler in sole power, and to suspend the Fundamental Laws guaranteed to the German people by the Constitution.

The Reichstag Fire Law was passed which gave Hitler the right to ban the Communist Party, just days before the March elections. Within days, the Nazis had rounded up Communist Party leaders and imprisoned them. Communist newspapers were banned and meetings declared illegal. The Nazis' biggest political rivals were hampered in their campaign to win votes, and it was no surprise in the elections when the Nazis' vote rose from 230 seats to 288 seats.

Higher History:

The link below is to a checklist to help you revise both the issues and the sub-issues for Migration and Empire.

If people find this useful then I can upload similar ones for Britain 1851-1951 and USA 1918-1968.

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